Skin Brightening

Skin Brightening treatment at Tulip Skin Clinic smoothes and refines the skin erasing skin flaws such as light wrinkles, scarring from acne, blotchiness, hypertrophic scars, post acne scars, pigmentation and sun damage. It helps eliminate enlarged and blocked pores and blackheads and leaves the skin feeling and looking fresh and soft.
After one treatment, the skin feels smoother, and is glowing and radiant. After several treatments, pigmentation and fine lines are reduced. The specific treatment required depends on the skin problem and individual circumstances.

Skin Polishing

It is an effective way to get rid of dead skin and dirt particles that get accumulated on the skins surface. Exposure to sun, pollutants, excessive use of cosmetics, mental stress etc. can affect our skin and make it appear dull and lifeless. In its attempt to protect the internal organs, skin itself comes in contact with too many toxins that show hash effect on skin’s health. A dull or lifeless skin can hamper our overall confidence and hence it is important to pay attention to skin’s health.